What is Speedy Daddy?

Speedy Daddy re-launches to inform and entertain parents who love to drive.

In 2010, while driving on Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, California, I was listening to National Public Radio. The program showcased the history of the “Life is Good” brand, and, as a parent of four, I started thinking about ways to blend my enthusiasm for cars and love of driving, and my enthusiasm for parenting and my love for my children, into an expression of those passions that might resonate with car-enthusiast parents just like me.

Thus, the idea for Speedy Daddy was born.

I pitched Speedy Daddy to my friend, a fellow car enthusiast, automotive journalist, and parent of two, Michael Harley. An experienced entrepreneur with excellent gut instincts, Mike agreed that the concept had potential, and by January 2012, we had launched the original Speedy Daddy blog.

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